Robert Donat (1905-1958)


From: Note by Renee Asherson, J.C. Trewin’s ‘Biography of Robert Donat’

His films had an immense impact, principally because one could see his tenderness, strong feeling, vulnerability. The hard crust of worldliness, which would often have made life more bearable, never grew on him. That is why I am sure – apart from his powers as a great actor – his personality attracted so many people and moved them so much. The lack of ‘crust’ made him easy to exploit: he knew it and it obliged him to hide his natural, outgoing, trusting side from those he feared might take advantage of him. But it also caused him to sympathize with, and appreciate, all vulnerable creatures – actors included. Endlessly concerned for their work, he was enthusiastic about their success; and to the last he went on sending me detailed and helpful advice.


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